All God’s Children

“I have visited the kids of All God’s Children in Honduras around 14 times. Over the years, I have gotten to know many of the children. Each and every time I go my heart grows bigger for them. My aha moment came on my second trip. Upon my arrival, a child had a picture of me hanging on the wall near her bed. It was the same picture that I had given her on my first trip to Honduras. On top of that, she remembered not only me but my name. She was so happy to see me. In the year that passed between my first and second trip, I did not think about her much. In fact, I did not remember her name. I felt sheepish. That was a very emotional experience for me. From that point forward, I always try to remember each child’s name.

It’s really hard to put into words the feeling you get when you walk into an orphan’s dorm room and the only picture they have on the wall is of you or your family. It’s something that will make you cry.   The unique thing about this ministry is that it’s more about building relationships than building buildings. On these trips, I go with many people that have been gone in an excess of 20 times. I’ve had the honor of attending four weddings, countless graduations, and many other events in Honduras. Often times the only people in the room for these celebrations and important life events are other orphans, child sponsors, and people traveling from the US.

Many of our KeHE colleagues are involved with great organizations. It’s very uplifting and inspirational to see your colleagues making a difference in the lives of others. Their reach is not only close to home, but all over the world.  I love working for a company that enables and encourages its employees to participate in serving others.”

– Pintu Behera, Supplier Optimization

All God’s Children supports six ministries and serves nearly 300 kids. Watch their stories in Honduras.

1) Jesus of Nazareth-Home for the Girls
2) House of Mercy-Home for Disabled Girls
3) The Farm-Home for the Boys
4) Good Sheppard-Home for Sexually Abused
5) House of Love-Home for the abandoned
6) House of Help-School for Disabled (400 kids attend)