An African Delight, December 2019

The KeHE team visited 4 countries in 12 days and over half that time was spent in a car, airport or plane! But boy was it worth it! We first flew to South Africa to learn about Ubuntu an organization that focuses on health & wellness and education for children and young adults. They offer a wrap around service that surrounds the entire family. Then we traveled to Rwanda to Hope for Life, they work with displaced boys and try to reunite them with their family. Next was Uganda and the Kamwenge secondary school and vocational center. What an impressive campus! Last, was a trip back to Kenya to check on the process of the medical center.

While we were on this trip, we learned about the apartide in South Africa and genocide in Rwanda and how those events shaped a nation.  And these experiences shape us, they shape our organization.  We have found that our leaders become better leaders when they learn to serve others. Taking people out of their comfort zone, gives them a new appreciation for life.  It is not about seeing what others don’t have (like electricity, water, toilets) its about seeing what they do have- hope, and a sense of community. It makes you realize what your own life might be lacking. 

South Africa