Aspire…together, we’re better

Aspire was founded in 1960 and is recognized throughout Illinois and Wisconsin as a leader in providing bold, pioneering, and uncompromising services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, their families, and their communities. They currently serve over 1,000 individuals and families. Their programs include inclusion counseling, educational support, family enrichment, life skills training, community homes, and job training.

KeHE has had the privilege of working alongside Aspire in multiple capacities. From home visits to job skills training, our teams have learned right alongside these amazing individuals. We have even begun to sell their coffee in our office.

Dan Anderson, Solutions

I served at Aspire on my third day at KeHE, when I was an LPA (leadership program associate). Not only was this experience impactful, it was a great way to both interact with new coworkers and introduce me to KeHE’s values. I was inspired by what this organization has already achieved in our community.

Bridget Gilmore, Exclusive Brands

I spent an afternoon gardening alongside Aspire residents and fellow KeHE employees to beautify the Aspire home. This felt like embodiment of service, with and for others. While our goals for the garden were challenged by a thunderstorm, this time allowed us to laugh together, face adversity together, and learn about one another, fostering the relationships at the core of KeHE Cares.

Madeline Yeakey, Retail Growth Solutions

I was able to participate at a serving event at Aspire early on in my career at KeHE, and it gave me great insight as to what KeHE values and how seriously we take those values. I was able to hangout with the individuals at Aspire and go through their day with them, to see how Aspire helps each person grow and prepare for what is next for them. I really appreciated knowing early that KeHE has a big part in supporting a program that offers the right tools to individuals with disabilities to help them in everyday life.