Burma Kachin IDP Blankets

IDP’s (Internally Displaced Persons) in Burma who have had to flee from their villages. We made an impact with our donation for the Burmese IDP’s and getting them blankets a couple of months ago.

Kachin State is the most northern and central province in Myanmar (Burma).  The Burmese Army is relocating many Kachin people (98% of them are Christians) off of their lands so that the government can sell the land to Chinese businesses.  The Kachin people are not left with much, and they lose their farms which are their livelihoods.  CFE is supporting several relocation areas with hundreds of people, giving them extra aid, clothing, Bible teaching, and in one area a school of worship has been set up.

“Our team has been busy with the distribution of blankets and jackets for Kachin IDPs. It is getting very cold in Kachin State and especially in the mountains bordering with China. Temperature is getting low to freezing. The Kachin IDPs are very thankful for receiving these blankets, warm mats and winter clothes.”

“We ordered more blankets in China and will move these into the Kachin controlled area in Myanmar as soon as possible, so the people and many children can stay warm. Thank you for your love and prayers, God bless.”

– Astrid Siebert

Interview with Mrs. Ja Awng Tarung Village

“My name is Ja Awng from Tarung village but now I am in Mungga zup IDPs camp. I have 3 daughters and 2 sons. My husband is a KIA soldier. The very first time we fled was August 21, 2013 because of fighting between KIA and Myanmar military. As soon as the fighting started my kids and I fled with the villagers. We carried no property.”

“When we first arrived in this Mungga zup IDP, we were very struggling for food to eat and blankets for sleep and material to use. After one week we arrived in this camp there was no one to help. But then local donors came and gave us rice to eat and blankets to wear. Personally, it was very difficult as a mother to look after my family, my husband is not at home.”

“Thank for these the nice warm blankets and warm clothes to help us. It is already getting very cold here. Can’t express your love and concern for us. Thank you so much.”

– Mrs. Ja Awng