Christian Far East Ministry

Kachin State is the most northern and central province in Myanmar (Burma).  The Burmese Army is relocating many Kachin people (98% of them are Christians) off of their lands so that the government can sell the land to Chinese businesses.  The Kachin people are not left with much, and they lose their farms which are their livelihoods. Christian Far East Ministry is supporting several relocation areas with hundreds of people, giving them extra aid, clothing, Bible teaching, and in one area a school of worship has been set up.

“I first visited an orphanage in Taunggyi. KeHE picked up the food costs for a number of years. This orphanage looks a lot better now that they do not use all their funds on food. The government gave them $50 a month for the entire orphanage. This is the orphanage Miss Emerald takes care of, she is 86 years old, has 120 children, and is supported by prayer.”

This picture is of the kitchen at an orphanage in Rangoon

“Pasada is an orphan I met there. He saw his mother raped and killed and his father burned alive. He did not talk the 1st year in the orphanage. Yes, I was lit up when I went to Burma. These people are heavily persecuted because many are Christians and are Karen ethnicity. There is a genocide in this country that few in the world know about. Watching KeHE Cares come alongside is very emotional. One instance when we sent to the worker in Thailand, Astrid, for support. About 800 people fled their village because of attacks by the Burmese army they were trapped in an area with no food. KeHE donated enough provision to last them for 6 months. This is a very small amount in American money but went a long way helping these people. I am reminded that without this from KeHE, a company 12,000 miles away would not have had food and many would have perished. The fruit from this trip 7 years later is still evident.”

– Jay Bakke, Sales