Coming Alongside Our Employees

We believe serving to make lives better begins at home, with our own people.

How It Works


Hardship Support

Employee Benevolence seeks to provide a holistic restorative solution to relieve heavy burdens experienced through catastrophic events in life: unexpected medical costs, natural disasters, or other problems that create overwhelming needs.

We provide strategic support that seeks to provide dignified relief, instilling hope for a better future. 

If you are an employee in need of assistance, contact your local HR representative.

Scholarship Funds

At KeHE, we want to help education become more accessible to those who seek it. We desire to see the students of our employees flourish through higher education for a brighter future.


Scholarships Flyer 2020/2021

How it works: Students of employees answer short essay questions as part of the application process. Once applications are submitted, winners are determined by votes submitted by our Employee Scholarship committee. KeHE awards several scholarships annually toward classes at universities, community colleges and trade schools.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands Ministries partners with KeHE, helping to meet the pressing needs of our people quickly and anonymously, in a way that honors the dignity and respect of the individual.



  • Holistically focused resources
  • Helping Hands provides due diligence and distribution of funds
  • Initiators: HR, Care Partners, Employees



  • 5 voting employees
  • Cross-functional
  • Help with individual cases and urgent need discussions



  • Need
  • Academic achievement
  • Character



  • 12 voting employees
  • Cross-functional
  • Determine quantity and value
  • Review applications

How We Help Our Employees

Our professional “Care Partners” are there to provide workplace relational support when asked. They are dedicated to caring for our employees in a framework of “Whole-person” wellness (mind, body, spirit). They have a heart for employees and understand workplace stress, co-worker and supervisor conflicts, long hours and work dissatisfaction. Our Chaplain Care Teams are fully-trained, managed, held accountable and supported by full-time leaders.

The Role of a Chaplain


If you are a KeHE employee in need of assistance, contact your local Care Partner or HR representative

Download the Care Partners app, then enter your ID number (provided by your local HR representative).

This app provides a quick, easy way to contact or connect with your Care Team members via phone, text or email.  Now you and your family can have access to your Care Partner Team, including photos and all contact information.  There will be new resources, including videos, webinars, ebooks and related materials for referral and use by your employees.

If unable to reach Care Partners through the Care Partners app or the above-listed numbers, please call: 1-800-775-7657