Mission Lazarus Honduras, April 2019

The KeHE team was hard at work building latrines alongside the people of Choluteca, Honduras.  Mission Lazarus is a multifaceted organization that aims to provide dignity to the men and women living in the region by offering skill based training and family support programs.  They believe in a hand up versus a hand out.  Personal relationships lead the way for Mission Lazarus and that philosophy carries over onto these serving trips.

Kevin Volk, Supply Chain

“I was fortunate to serve in Honduras in partnership with Mission Lazarus. My experience exposed me to a new part of the world and culture as well as fostered lasting relationships with other KeHE employees. Serving the people of Honduras by assisting in the construction of a home and providing latrines to a remote village impacted me both personally and spiritually and is something I highly recommend. Their sense of faith, family, and community was inspiring and left a lasting impression that I reflect on regularly.”

Krissy Bunner, Customer Care

“The children and women from the Mission Lazarus trip deeply touched me.  As I was holding a little baby who fell asleep in my arms, I thought about what it might be like to give birth in that village.  I image it would be at home with some midwives and no anesthetic.  Then you hold your baby and you do not have any diapers, bottles, pacifiers.  You truly need a network of women helping each other for the good of the whole.   That baby’s great-grandma was very proud of her large family.  She was excited to share that she was 68 and because of the latrine KeHE built, it would be her first time using one.”