Mission Lazarus, Honduras, January 2020

Bryan Singleton, Warehouse Operations

I have had the unique opportunity to visit Honduras twice in the past year. On the 1st trip I was totally impressed with the immense natural beauty of the Honduras countryside. During this 1st trip we were there to attend the “Groundbreaking Ceremony” for the new K-12 school which we are contributing to in order to enhance the education process in the Mountains of Mission Lazarus. The State there only educates to 6th grade, so what a wonderful thing to help each child further their education and have a better chance in life.

On the second trip, we took the KeHE Cares committee on a mission to install latrines, way up on the tops of those beautiful Honduran mountains. We had a blast meeting these deserving families. Imagine bringing the 1st toilet to a grandmother on top of a mountain, that has never used one before! And then the hugs and “Gracias” from every family served. We also got to enjoy a beautiful church service jammed packed with all the families in their Sunday best, More hugs! Truly Blessed.