Mission Lazarus – Honduras

KeHE Cares and our employees support Mission Lazarus in assisting people in need in Honduras and Haiti.  Projects have included building schools, and providing latrines for individual families. Individual development begins with providing a safe place for meaningful connection, vulnerability and support. We long to see individuals grow in self-awareness, self-care, knowledge and faith. All of our programs and services act as a potential entry point for intentional relationships, and our focus on the individual is where our mission to transform lives is enacted.

“The families we came alongside in Honduras were in need of latrines. Prior to the installation of latrines, many of them would use the bathroom out in the woods near their homes, which brought many health risks to the family and community. We partnered on installing latrines with many families. The family prepped by digging a very large (roughly 12ft) hole and together we installed the latrine. Teamwork makes the dream work!”

“I enjoy connecting with the families and individuals of organizations we partner with. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for the humility they instill in me. I think it is important for us to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone to learn more about different cultures.”

– Tania Ortega, Growth Solutions

“My experience at Mission Lazarus had many different components I loved. Each gave me something special to bring back home.”

The Families

  • Each family we helped welcomed us with open arms and insisted they give us a treat. A treat is not cheap for these families, yet they went out of their way to thank us for coming alongside. Appreciation, hospitality and genuine love for us was apparent and put me in awe many times.
  • How hard each family worked for everything. Whether if it was a 2-hour walk to get to school or digging a 12ft hole – their work ethic and determination are amazing.

Our Leaders

  • Norma (house mom): The heart, kindness and selflessness of this woman is inspiring. She is a woman empowered by her own determination to be better for her family. She is the first woman to lead a coffee plantation in Honduras and continues to pave the way for other young women.
  • Henry: He was a great teacher who started off very hands-on, but by the end, he trusted us to do what we needed to do. He led by example and then let us fly. Quiet, but not silent.