Mozambique Sunshine Approach

“When I first heard Don Larson tell the story behind the Sunshine Nut Company I couldn’t believe the Sunshine approach and the mission and values that his Mozambique based company was founded on. The Sunshine Approach starts with roasting and packaging operations that are run entirely by Mozambicans, many of whom are adult orphans. Being run entirely by Mozambicans gives the company a good foundation and reputation in the community and makes it possible for Don and Sunshine Nut Company to navigate one of the most difficult business climates in the world. In addition to providing stability to the community through jobs, Sunshine commits 90% of net proceeds to support agricultural development, caring for orphans and vulnerable children through Sunshine Houses, and supporting new food processing companies. Though they now have a total of three Sunshine Houses, Don and his wife Terry can provide some structure to only a fraction of the total number of the orphans and vulnerable children that live day to day in the surrounding communities.”

“Personally, visiting the Sunshine Nut Company and spending time with the workers and community members revitalized me to do more in my own community. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to present CAREtrade® to our sales teams at Table Top events across the country and share my experiences, and in doing so hope to inspire others to embrace the Sunshine Approach within their own communities.”

-Garrett Eddy, Retail Sales