Partners in Mission – Uganda

First, let me report on the 2 university students KeHE sponsored:

  • Alice Mahooro is counseling at Rukunyo Health Center in Kamwenge.  She did her internship at the center while attending Bishop Stuart University. She often visits the campus of KSVS and continues to be good friends with Christine Musiime
  • Frances Kazuba graduated from Bishop Stuart University and is now teaching at KSVS. His major was in education with an emphasis on history and economics.

The STEM Center building is fully funded and nearing completion. You all were a big part of that project. We currently are raising funds for a technology plan to provide the IT infrastructure and computer needs for students and the entire campus. We have highlighted the computer project in our Christmas mailing and hope to have it fully funded in the near future. We will also be looking in the future to fully equip the science laboratory and library in the STEM Center.

I think you have seen pictures of the completed Kitchen and Dining Hall in use. I have also attached some new pictures. In October, the Culinary/Hospitality students took government exams. During that time, instructors from the Ministry of Education came to the campus to examine students doing their practicals. Students were required to set up guest rooms (they used the Inspiration Center), set up dining tables, and prepare meals for diners. They were graded and the exam results were taken to Kampala to be gathered and compared with exams from other schools. John told me that the people in Kampala were amazed that such excellent work was being done by students in Kamwenge and asked if they had received training somewhere else. They did not! Attached are some pictures.

Much has changed since you visited. There are now 850 students, 550 of them primary school students. The culinary program has become quite popular. We are currently supporting 3 university students through donations, but other grads have found their way to attend university also. I don’t have numbers, but more than the 3 we currently give scholarships to. Some like Francis have returned to teach at KSVS. Others have moved to other parts of the country for jobs. The KSVS campus has electricity…connected to the Kamwenge electrical grid. Some years ago the District and particularly the town were connected with electricity.  As you can imagine, most homes don’t have electricity, but some do and there is hope for continued development in the community.

Bike to the Lake has been very effective in raising funding for the kitchen/dining hall as well as the STEM Center. We are looking to boost our support of teacher salaries for KSVS and GSK  through Bike to the Lake this coming year.

– Barbara Retelny, President of Partners in Mission – USA