We Believe Purpose is Found as We Serve Others

KeHE Cares™ helps connect our employee-owners with volunteer opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. Whether it’s a safe house in Nepal, a coffee farm in Honduras, or a food distribution site on the border of Texas and Mexico, our employees are serving in such a way to bring dignity and wholeness to all involved.

Our goal is for KeHE employees to discover serving opportunities ensuring the best relationships possible with the serving partners and those we serve.

Here's How It Works:

KeHE contributes a portion of our profits to KeHE Cares™, and the employee-run KeHE Cares™ Employee Committee all donations made to fully vetted serving organizations. These serving organizations or KeHE Cares™ 'partners' are places where our employees are already directly involved and giving of their own resources and time.

KeHE Cares™ wants to come alongside those efforts and help grow the impact.

Our Goal:

Help move the people we serve from as status of dependent to a status of self-sufficient - thereby preserving their individual dignity.

As we serve in this way, we find we actually gain as much or even more than what we've given.


Start with the Need: Relieve Human Suffering

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