Who Is KeHE?

KeHE is a company of employee-owners who make a conscious choice to serve in order to make lives better.
And that makes all the difference.

Ours is a faith-friendly culture built around caring, determination, and an unshakable commitment to the success of our retail and supply partners, and approach the market with integrity and clarity of purpose:

  • We’re good people who move good food — and we’re extremely good at it.
  • We’re a Certified B Corporation — we believe responsible business is good for business.
  • We’re true to our vendors and retailers while remaining true to the planet we all inhabit.

Founding Value

We Thank and Honor God in All We Do


We SERVE to Make Lives Better


To be the Next Generation Distributor.
We SERVE the supplier and retailer communities with Innovative Products through Sales & Supply Chain solutions


We treat everyone with Dignity & Respect through empathy, trust, equality and ownership

Our Journey - Past to Present


The company was started by Art Kehe in the basement of his home. Art made a habit of giving back 10% of his earnings to help others in need. Since our foundation in 1952, Art Kehe believed that business should be used as a force of good.

1970s to 2000s

Jerry Kehe took over control of the company from his father in 1976 and continued Arts legacy of giving back. In 1985 Jerry formalized this process into what is today known as KeHE Cares.


KeHE became an employee-owned company (ESOP).


Brandon Barnholt took over as President & CEO.  He expands KeHE Cares™  to include more employee involvement and serving trips.


In 2015, KeHE becomes certified as a B Corporation and is one of the largest B Corps in the United States.


We have now taken almost 1,000 employees on "Vision Trips".