KeHE Cares meets the needs of employees and people in the local community and around the world. KeHE people put their hearts where their hands are.
And we serve.

Who is KeHE?

KeHE is a company of employee-owners who make a conscious choice to serve in order to make lives better. And that makes all the difference.

What is KeHE Cares®?

KeHE Cares and giving back to bless others is a part of our corporate DNA. From our founding in 1952 by Art Kehe, KeHE Distributors has always given back to help those in need. It is every one of our employee-owners serving to make lives better; first by doing their various jobs with excellence, and then by going out and making a conscious choice to personally serve others who are hurting. At times that takes the form of a “hand-out”, and at other times it is a “hand-up” to a fellow human being in need. We always seek to be moving people from dependence to dignity through caring and purposeful outreach opportunities. We believe that this is how we live out our founding value of, “We thank and honor God in all we do”, with integrity and in truth.

Why We Do What We Do?

We are committed to helping the people we serve, moving them from dependence to dignity through purposeful outreach opportunities.


Hardship & Scholarships

Helping Our Own

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Wellness and Holistic Approach
Treating the "Whole Person"

Relief of Poverty & Human Suffering

Serving and Giving

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Transforming lives through dignity.

Brands That Advance a Higher Purpose

Trade Not Aid


Combining commercial success with making the world a better place.

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